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Tens of thousands of years ago, forests cover over haft of our planet’s surface. But nowadays, only less than 1/3 of that area left and it decreases dramatically in all parts of the world. According to WWF report, more than 400.000 hectares of forest are cleared or degraded every week. Plants bring us a big benefit and play an important roll in the climate and water equableness. Their leaves can absorb carbon dioxide released from burning fuel such as wood, petrol…for their nutrient and so, help freshening the atmosphere and lessening the danger of greenhouse effect to our planet.



A part of Mau Son nature reserve - Picture: Phung My Trung


Forest is a complex organization in which millions spices of plants, animals and microorganisms interact with each other closely and form bio diverse populations. These provide us not only wood, fruit, plastic, dye, oil, medicine…but also marvelous natural sights for billions people in this world.   

Biotic communities have developed for millions years. But now, they are threatened by human activities. List of natural systems changed related to human economic activities is really remarkable. Many species have decreased in the population dramatically or even been threatened to exist due to mass hunting, destruction of habitats, attack of immigrants as well as other enemies. Circle of water and other natural substances are broken because of deforestation, which lead to the elution of billions tons of surface soil to lakes, rivers and seas. Genetic diversity is declining even in species with abundant population. And the causes of changes in earth’s climate are air pollution and deforestation. Over the history of life in our earth, there has never ever had such a serious threat to bio diversity with a large amount of endangered species in such a short time like this before.  



A new bent-toed gecko in Baden mountain - Cyrtodactylus thuongae - Picture: Phung My Trung


Danger to bio diversity increases much more day-by-day due to the pressure of human numerous populations as well as their development in industry area. This becomes worse for the differentiation between rich and poor countries in the world, especially in tropical areas where have the abundance of species. The effect of factors such as acid rain, wood exploit, and excessive hunting makes this danger more serious. What is harmful to bio diversity is also harmful to human because people is a part of the planet and depend on natural environment: air, water, raw materials, food, medicine as well as other services.



A new day in Nui Chua national park - Picture: Phung My Trung


The disappearance of many species in our world has caused the anguish to people, hurt their self-respect and required them to do something to stop that unnatural exterminate. Vietnam creatures website is an effort of people who want to contribute for nature reservation and to satisfy the scientific requires of national management, conservation and research of the nature in Vietnam. This website could help in taxonomy, study of Vietnam animals, plants, insects…and documents of rule relating to the management, protection and improvement of forest.

We really hope to have your sympathize in our work.


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